The world of Pinterest has just entered my life and it is fun and addicting. I was recently at a local craft store picking up some bobbins, and the conversation how I was recently introduced to Pinterest through a good friend of mines came about with the woman at the register. Now while she is enlightening me about  boards and such I just happen to turn around and there is a lady standing behind me shaking her head. She says," Don't do it". and before I get a chance to ask why, she continues, "Once you get started down that rabbit hole there is no coming back". I thought," No coming back from delicious recipes, arts and crafts"? "I easily have at the least 10,000 pins. I have to take myself off a week at a time or I am up all night, and  into the morning going through boards," she explained still shaking head. Then it hit me through the smell of the candle making supplies. Since creating my Square Boy Pinterest page it has become fun to me. I only have at the very max..... two boards and five pins. Now that being said, do I continue on until I reach at least 10,000 pins and I am up till 5 am searching and pinning all of the beautiful and interesting stuff it has to offer, where I have to take myself off for a week? Or is there a safer way where I can use it casually?

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