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Bookworm Initiative


The Bookworm Initiative was created to place books into the hands of children free of charge through the help from used book and monetary donations.

 Today's children's lives surprisingly, do not have time for reading. They grow up with a nonstop stream of entertainment– endless TV channels, digital devices and on-demand access. So, where children would have picked up a book, now monitors fill their time. The result is that those moments where reading took root and flourished are now diminishing. Technological development will continue and it offers us astonishing opportunities. 

Reading for pleasure is the single largest indicator of a child's achievement academically, more than social background or parents education. Children who read for pleasure have improved concentration, memory, confidence, greater self-esteem and general knowledge. Reading builds compassion, advances imagination and language growth. These are important and relevant benefits, whether we live in a digital or analogue world. Parents favor reading print over e-books with their kids. Kids also like paper better. Nearly twice as many of those whose parents read from both formats would choose print over e-books. It makes a significant difference when the child can touch and feel the pages.

By donating books it allows us to help children who normally can not afford or do not come in contact with books on a regular basis. Statistics show that kids who are poor readers by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school than their more capable peers.When children have a strong foundation of reading, they are able to stay on track to remain in school, graduate and pursue post-secondary education and training to successfully transition into adulthood. We give two free books per child at our store and every street fair we attend. If you would like to help you can click our contact button to learn how.